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About AGM

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) is a newer valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) technology with compact construction and higher energy density compared to flooded SMF batteries. This technology provides stable high performance for extensive periods. It is used widely by the car industry for the most demanding vehicles incorporating START STOP technology.



About Spiral

Spiral is a pure lead valve regulated technology with a special structure of very high assembly pressure. It provides very high and very low temperature discharge characteristics and can be charged efficiently under extreme temperature conditions.




About Calcium & Sealed

Calcium Sealed is the most advanced battery technology for starting use. It is maintenance free with longer service life compared to conventional SLI technologies, due to the use of special calcium – lead alloys along with the expanded grid metal structure for both the positive and negative plates and low resistance enveloped separators.



About Wet Charge

The Wet Charged design is the transitive technology for starting use between calcium sealed MF and dry charged. It integrates calcium technology with very good cranking performance along with open type accessible cover for easy density control. The plate design is strong and reliable for commercial & agricultural vehicles.



About Dry Charge

The Dry Charged design performs immediate after filling the battery with electrolyte during activation. It provides long storage time and requires low maintenance with filling up of distilled water.


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