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About GEL

GEL is the top technology of valve regulated lead acid batteries. This structure replaces the electrolyte with silicon dioxide in Gel state and can perform high currents until high degree of deep cycling. It also has excellent charge reception under very low & high temperatures. The reliability of the long service life under these conditions is excellent.



About AGM

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) is a valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) technology with compact construction and higher energy density compared to flooded SMF batteries under any Heavy Duty Motive Energy demand. This technology delivers high capacity output for extensive periods, can perform excellent under repeated cyclic use and provides more power for same volume and footprint.




About FLA

Flooded Lead Acid (FLA) batteries are designed to cover the demands of repeated deep cycling under harsh conditions for long service life. They have high reliability and performance under wide temperatures range from -20οC up to +50οC. They are open type, require low maintenance and are manufactured with tubular positive plates.


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