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VIOSY’s commitment to operate in a sustainable way is deeply associated with our corporate values as the economic growth cannot be reached without the proven protection of the environmental, the support of the local communities and the overall development of the society.

The principles of sustainable development have been embraced by each one of our employees all over the world since 1973, when the Winner brand was born.

In mid 80s we launched our first program and set sustainability targets for our own operations.

In the 1990s we started close cooperation with the local communities with a series of corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Within the last 15 years with the increased penetration of new technologies we managed to make our products more sustainable through innovation while reducing our carbon footprint by embracing even more green principles and techniques in our warehouses, stores, fleet and management of our cargos.

VIOSY is founding member of the “Alternative Battery Management System” also known as SYDESYS, a non-profit company aiming to protect the environment and public health by standardizing the battery recycling procedures in Greece. Under this scope, VIOSY is also licensed partner for the battery collection scheme and has been accredited with ISO9001, VdS and UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES certification.

Winner is way more than a battery! It is a unique brand incorporating an entire set of values vital for a sustainable future within a sustainable ecosystem.

To find out more about our sustainability program, please contact us at sustainability@viosy.gr

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